Update: April 6th, 2012

Last week when I wrote about Old Town Grill, I forgot to mention that they also do catering and are really good at it. What brought it to mind was that when I showed up to judge at this year’s Celebration of Oral Interpretation, a spectacular event for fourth through eighth graders in El Dorado County at Pioneer Union School District, the caterer for the judge’s lunch was my friends from Old Town Grill. The food was excellent — good salads, good everything. For more information on Old Town Grill’s catering call 530-622-2631.

Also, last week I didn’t have space to mention that I had stopped by Carl’s Jr. to try the Southwest Patty Melt. It is available with one patty, two patties or the large “Six Dollar Burger” patty. I always go with the single, which is charbroiled and served with sliced jalapeños, grilled onions, pepper-jack cheese and spicy Santa Fé sauce, all on grilled sourdough bread.

It was very good. I especially liked the melted cheese but be prepared for a little heat. I can stand almost any amount of chile pepper heat, but I took off several of the jalapeño slices because the heat was covering up the taste of the sandwich. Michael, the manager at the Carl’s Jr. on Fair Lane in Placerville, told me he loves them hot, as do most of the customers (especially the teenagers). Maybe I am getting old or wise.

You never know about jalapeños, sometimes they are mild and sometimes they aren’t. Pace, the company that makes salsas, has spent years just trying to come up with a jalapeño that is consistent from season to season.

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