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Steppin’ Out – Iron Wok, Placerville

Just a short time ago a new Chinese restaurant called the Iron Wok opened at 545 Main Street in Placerville. But, their history doesn’t start there, it goes back many years.

A family run business, they first opened in San Francisco and then, about ten years ago, moved to Elk Grove. A search of online reviews shows that they were highly rated and very popular. In fact, there are several sad comments about their closing their Elk Grove location and being replaced by a Vietnamese restaurant. After leaving Elk Grove, the family moved to the town of El Dorado.

When the European restaurant between Bagel Works and Town Hall closed, Iron Wok took over that location and from my and my friends observations appears to be doing quite well. There is a good reason for this: the food is really good, as are the portions, and the service is excellent.

I planned to meet a friend there for lunch and arrived a bit early. While I was looking over the menu, a family group came in to eat and it turned out they had driven from Elk Grove just to have the food they loved and renew their friendship with the owners. When people go out of their way to get food that they like, that gives you a really good feeling about a restaurant.

They aren’t the only ones, by the way. Several people have commented on social media that they have made the same trip, just to have the food and reconnect with the owners.

When my friend arrived, we decided to split two of their Special Combinations, which are served all day. Each combination comes with a choice of soup, a veggie egg roll and a choice of steamed or BBQ pork fried rice.

Our selections were Cashew Chicken and Sauteed Prawns with Vegetables. My friend chose egg flower soup, I, hot and sour. We also decided to order both the steamed and pork fried rice.

As expected, the soup arrived first. The egg flower soup was delicate, delicious and fresh. The hot and sour soup was more hardy, but not overpowering in its flavor. It also was very fresh tasting.

When our main dishes arrived, they were both beautiful. Presentation is so important at a restaurant. And, there was so much food, my friend ended up taking almost half of it home.

The cashew chicken was, like the egg flower soup, delicate in its flavor. It was also full of lightly sauteed vegetables with just the right amount of crispness, a crispness also found in the cashews, which can often be soggy. The BBQ pork fried rice was very flavorful without overpowering the rest of the food, albeit a bit dry if eaten by itself, but who does that?

The sauteed shrimp with vegetables was loaded with large shrimp, perfectly cooked. We divided that dish and continued to find more shrimp hidden among the delicious vegetables as we ate. The steamed rice had that slightly sticky texture that helps me keep it together and off my lap.

To top things off, even the veggie egg roll was fresh, light and delicious, and there was that yummy sweet red sauce for dipping.
All in all it was a fantastic lunch, high above my expectations. My friend commented that it was a step above the other local Chinese restaurants.

In addition to the two dishes we ordered the Special Combinations portion of the menu includes nearly a dozen more, made with chicken, pork, beef or just vegetables. Included on this list are numerous favorites such as Beef with Broccoli, Sweet and Sour Pork, Mongolian
Beef, Kung Pao Chicken, General Chicken and more.

The regular part of the menu, which has a greater variety of dishes, starts with half a dozen appetizers and seven kinds of soup to start your meal. These are followed by seven pork dishes, sixteen chicken dishes, fourteen seafood dishes and eleven beef. There are also ten delicious sounding vegetable dishes.

To round out your meal you will find seven different kinds of fried rice, made with barbecued pork, shredded pork, beef, chicken, prawns or a mixture of several. And, if you prefer chow mein or chow fun, there are eight different kinds of those, followed by three kinds of steamed and seasoned vegetable dishes.

Iron Wok, Chinese Cuisine, is located a 545 Main Street in Placerville, and is open six days a week: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 11 a.m. until 8 p.m and on Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. Closed on Tuesday.

Oh, they have both inside and outside seating should you wish to enjoy watching the passing crowd.

For more information give them a call at (530) 903-3358. Or, just show up and enjoy.

Steppin’ Out – Grizzly’s Pub & Grub, six miles east of Somerset

Even though I had read a bit about this new restaurant that has only been open since November, I really didn’t know what to expect. Well, I was both surprised and delighted. This place and its owner are treasures.

Grizzly’s Pub and Grub is at 8331 Grizzly Flat Road at its intersection with Sweeney Road. Yes, where Peart’s Place used to be, just six miles east of Somerset.

When we arrived I immediately noticed that a lot of work had been done to the place and it looked good. The owner, Leanne Aalmo, delightfully greeted me and my friend, Mike Long, and then, to our delight, started on a list of what we HAD to try.

Helping her that day was Terri, and in the kitchen, preparing our food, was Amanda.

“You have to try ‘The Baloo,’ as a burger” started Leanne, “it has our homemade balsamic, bacon, onion jam on it that you will love. It takes two hours to make a cup of it. Also, you need to try ‘The Mountain,’ with my house smoked tri-tip. It is very popular, so popular that I used to smoke eight tri-tips a week and now do fifteen.

“Like all our speciality sandwiches, those two come with a choice of side or half an appetizer,” she continued. “I’ll bring you a mixture of fries and onion rings that we call ‘frings,’ some of our red potato salad, a sample of our sweet battered corn nuggets and some Cheddar cheese curds to go with it.”

“Cheese curds?” I asked. “They put those and brown gravy on fries in Canada. They call it ‘Poutain.’ I haven’t seen cheese curds locally. Do you make Poutain with them? ”

“We tried making it,” she said, “but we can only get breaded cheese curds from our supplier.

“Our fish and chips are sensational,” she continued, “ and so are our chicken breasts. I’ll get you a sample of those to try and wait until you taste our homemade tartar sauce on the fish. It is wonderful,” adding with a smile, “Is there anything else you want to try?” first pausing and then adding, “It is taco Tuesday. You probably can’t eat a whole taco, but I will bring you some taco meat to try.” It turned out to be delicious.

First to arrive was “The Baloo.” made with a half pound of Angus beef and the special jam, lots of blue cheese crumbles, fresh lettuce and a nice big tomato slice on an artisan bun. It was fantastic. The combination of good beef, blue cheese and her special jam gave it a delicious taste unlike any burger I had tried before.

“I season the meat with a special seasoning I have a friend bring me from a little store at South Lake Tahoe,” Leanne said. “That’s why the burger tastes so good.”

Next to arrive was our tri-tip “Mountain” sandwich. It came on a Hoagie roll that contained about an inch of meat and lots of grilled mushrooms and onions, all smothered in Swiss cheese. At first I thought it might need something to dress it up a bit, then the wonderful smoky flavor of the meat came through and I decided it was great just the way it was served. Again, a delicious, unique sandwich with an outstanding taste.
While we enjoyed the sandwiches, Mike and I tasted the fries, onion rings, chicken, corn nuggets and fried cheese curds.

With them she had brought us three dipping sauces: Ranch dressing and two homemade ones, chipotle aioli and blue cheese dressing, along with her own tartar sauce.

Mike immediately commented on the fries, onion rings and fish. “These crispy fries are great and the onion rings hold together so you don’t end up with a cooked onion and a hand full of empty breading. And you gotta try this fish. It is fantastic. It has just a thin coating on delicious fish (Alaskan Cod) that is great with or without their tartar sauce.”

As usual, I had to agree with him, adding that the chicken was also moist and tender. The fries and onion rings were hot, crisp and outstanding and the fish just the way I liked it too.

The cheese curds were good, but tasted more like mozzarella than cheddar, but then, I have never had them before. The corn nuggets were like my grandmother’s corn fritters and excellent with all the dipping sauces. Mike liked them so much that he nabbed the last one from in front of me when I turned to talk with Leanne.

While we were really enjoying the food, we asked her about here previous restaurant experience, believing anyone who could produce food this good must have been in the business for some time.

“Nope,” she said. “I drove a tow truck in Tahoe for thirty years. I just love good food and know other people will love it too. I shop around and only buy the best. If my regular suppliers don’t have it, I drive to where I can get it.

I was impressed.

The menu starts with quite a list of appetizers, including what we tried, along with fried zucchini sticks, Jalapeño poppers, mozzarella sticks, deep fried mushrooms, spicy cauliflower florets, salads and soup (seasonal). Specialties include the sandwiches we had along with “The Western” with sweet BBQ sauce, “Blackened” with Cajun seasoning and Chipotle Aioli, and three burgers, including a vegetarian, black bean burger. The sandwiches come with a choice of meat: chicken, Angus beef or tri-tip.

Other Favorites include a Grilled Cheese Basket, Fish and Chips Basket, Chicken Strips Basket, a grilled chicken breast sandwich on grilled Parmesan sourdough called “The Pioneer,” a BLT on the same grilled Parmesan sourdough called “The Big Ben,” “The Gold Rush,” a smoked tri-tip sandwich served cold and “The Miner,” an Alaskan cod fish filet sandwich with all the trimmings.

Yes, they are very family friendly, so there is a “Little Cubs Corner” kids menu.

To accompany your meal, lemon infused water, soda, domestic and import beer and wine by the glass. By the way, if you want to bring your own wine, there is no corkage. And, since the meals are large, no charge for an extra plate to split the meal.

“I hate it when they do that,” Leanne said, “That is why I don’t charge.”

Hours are from 11 until 9, Sunday through Thursday and 11 until ? on Saturday and Sunday. For more information, call (530) 303-2136. You can also get more information on their Facebook page.

“There are several thousand people living near and beyond here,” said Leanne. “Call in an order and pick up you food on your way home on a snowy, wet day or a day you just don’t feel like cooking. To-go orders are our specialty.”