Steppin’ Out – Los Amigos, Shingle Springs

Well, again Russ Salazar and I headed out to visit a restaurant that it turned out was closed on Tuesdays. Well, since we were in Shingle Springs, I thought we might try Los Amigos for Mexican food which, it turned out, was open.

Los Amigos opened just recently at the location that had been the Shingle Springs Colina de Oro at 4120 Sunset Lane. We were told that the previous owner owned this one and the one in Plymouth and decided to get rid of this one.

Two cooks who had worked at the now closed, Los Hermanos in Pollock Pines, decided to open their own restaurant. Thus, Los Amigos.
We were greeted by a lovely young lady who was the hostess and server, and told to sit wherever we wished. We found a table by a window and looked over the menus she handed to us.

While we were still deciding on what to order, she kindly asked what we wished to drink. I simply said water, Russ ordered a glass of milk. I was delighted when my water arrived, both glasses were huge. I hate having small glasses of water and having to find the server to get a refill.

After mulling things over for a few more minutes, Russ decided to order a beef taco and a pork tamale, along with rice and beans from the “A La Carte” portion of the menu. Our server said she could save us money by making the taco a combo with rice and beans. I like her.

There are two things I often try at a Mexican restaurant I haven’t previously visited: a chile relleno or something with chile verde in it. This time I went for the chile burrito and ordered the chile verde burrito.

We sat there eating the chips and very good salsa, while awaiting out food. I remember someone posting a picture of chips and salsa and asking if anyone had every been to a Mexican restaurant and not immediately eaten the chips and salsa. Not me, I dive right in.

In a very short time our food arrived, along with an extra plate so we could share each of the dishes. Russ, with his pocket knife at the ready, did the honors, dividing everything nicely.

Russ immediately said I should try the beans. Often when they convert pinto beans to frijoles refritos, they make a soup out of them. These were very nice with a great flavor and lots of only partially “smooshed” beans. I also liked the rice, but it was even better with a few shots of Tapatio hot sauce.

The taco was filled with shredded beef, which we both liked, and had a great flavor. Beef tacos should be made that way.

I liked the chile verde. Lots of meat in firm, but still easily cut, chunks. There were also pieces of cooked tomatillo, the green, “tomato with a dry skin” that gives it the verde color and flavor. Russ, who prefers burritos you make at home and brown after filling, thought there was actually too much cheese in it.

The tamale was good. I like them with lots of filling and not too much masa coating. Russ also liked it, but pointed out to me that the homemade tamales he grew up with were not sauced.

Overall, the food was very good.

Their menu includes Appetizers: Nachos and street tacos; several interesting looking salads and 16 or so combo plates, which are served after 4 p.m., with a green salad, rice and refried or whole beans.

The Ala Carte menu includes a dozen dishes like tacos, enchiladas, flautas and burritos, followed by a list of delicious looking speciality burritos made with an extra large tortilla and topped with guacamole, sour cream and lettuce. I don’t think I have ever seen a lettuce topped burrito before, but it does sound interesting.

To complete the menu there is a list of seafood dishes and then the large, dinner entrees, which come with salad, rice, beans and tortillas.
There is a kids menu, which includes Mexican dishes along with chicken sticks and even a cheeseburger with fries. Drinks include soda tea, coffee and milk, along with domestic and imported beer. They also make and serve Michelada, a beer and spice combination drink.

Oh, I almost forgot desserts: flan, vanilla ice cream and milkshakes.

The restaurant was very clean and very friendly. Unfortunately, there were not a large number of people there when we arrived, which was towards the end of the lunch rush.

Los Amigos is open daily except Sunday from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. On Sunday they close at 8.

Give them a try. They are getting good reviews and we need to keep our small businesses in business (especially the ones that are open on Tuesday when two old guys go looking for food.)

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