Steppin’ Out – Togo’s, Cameron Park

togosSeveral times Russ Salazar and I have driven by Togo’s sandwich shop in Folsom, thinking we should go there and try the pastrami. Then it occurred to me – I had forgotten that there is a Togo’s in Cameron Park in the northeast corner of the shopping center with Safeway, between Taco Bell and McDonald’s (also one in El Dorado Hills). And, if we really wanted to ignore our diets, there is a Baskin-Robbins with it.

I had actually reviewed this Togo’s before and went back in the archives to dig out what I had said.

It turned out it was in mid- November of 2010 that I had gone there to try their new toasted sandwiches. I had chosen the Pepper Jack Pastrami – pastrami, thousand island dressing, pepper jack cheese and pepperoncinis on classic white bread. I had enjoyed it, but someone told me that the next time I should order their Classic Pastrami and have them toast it.

Well, with that in mind Russ and I met there, anxious to try that and something else from their menu, both to be cut in two to share.

The first thing we found out when we ordered the pastrami was that their toaster was out of order and they didn’t know when it would be fixed or replaced. That threw a wet blanket over our anxiousness. That was a couple of months ago, so, hopefully, it has been fixed by now.

We ordered the Classic/Signature Pastrami anyway and then ran into another problem. Russ doesn’t think a pastrami sandwich should have cheese (I go for Swiss) and only likes light mustard. I got a little more mustard and pickles on half of the sandwich and, sadly, took it without cheese, which, in this case, was probably a good idea as I could really taste the pastrami.

Our second sandwich was a wrap: Bacon Ranch Chicken on a spinach wrap. Russ saw they have chili and, as he always does, ordered a bowl of it to try.

We watched them make our sandwiches and noticed that the young lady making the wrap had to toss out a couple of wraps (tortillas) before she found one that wouldn’t crack when she rolled it.

The chili was disappointing. It tasted and had texture like the beans in it were canned. It also didn’t have much flavor. We asked and one of the employees told us it comes pre-made.

The pastrami sandwich was really okay, but would have been better if toasted. The roll and pastrami were both very good, but I thought it had way too much bread for the amount of pastrami. (I also thought it needed more mustard and Swiss cheese).
Russ likes bread and commented that it was good bread. We both decided that, for sandwich shops, Subway makes a better overall pastrami sandwich.
I thought the wrap was very good, but the spinach wrap itself was as expected: dry and cold.

I mentioned the wrap problem and the chili issues to the good folks at the counter and, as I often do, even emailed the company with my comments. They didn’t respond to the email, which is interesting, because they have a customer comment form. Only they and KFC have failed to respond.

I decided they were just having a bad day, because I have eaten at several Togo’s before and been delighted with the food and service.
Togo’s has quite a menu of Classic Sandwiches from which to choose. They have over a dozen they serve cold, several they serve hot and even a number of veggie ones. On any of those you can choose from a number of breads, cheeses and condiments.

They also serve four speciality toasted sandwiches (when the toaster is working) along with Sandwich Wraps, Salads and Salad Wraps.
You can also make a Classic into a mini (half a sandwich) if you are not hungry, or combine that mini with a soup or half salad.

For the kids, there is a combination of a mini sandwich, side and small drink.

And, don’t forget the chips, cookies or brownie to finish off your meal.

If you are having a special event or meeting, Togo’s can cater it for you. The whole backside of their menu explains the great things you can get.

The Cameron Park Togo’s opens at 10 a.m. daily, and closes at 9 p.m., 10 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. For more information give them a call at (530) 672-9295.

Oh, we decided to pass on something from Baskin Robbins. Neither of us needed it.

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