Steppin’ Out – Golden Waffle Cafe, Placerville

Golden Waffle cafeLast week I met up with my compatriot, Russ Salazar, at the Golden Waffle Café, which is at 1449 Broadway in Placerville. He had just driven back from Los Angeles and had lots to say about that while we ate (gas prices over $1 more per gallon than here).

This restaurant was originally a Sambo’s (remember Tiger Butter?) and after passing through other hands was opened by Alba and Santos Ortiz about three years ago as Golden Waffle Café. They make sure it is very clean, that the food is well prepared and have put together a great menu.

After finding a sunny booth in this very clean restaurant, we opened the menu to see what they had to offer. Actually, we had to change booths because the first one we selected was a bit tight for us. Fortunately, our server was kind enough to direct us to one that had more space.

We don’t often sit in booths because of the space and the fact that I think the seats are too low as the tables always seems a bit high to me. There are tables in the other room, but I liked the sunlight streaming in.

While looking over the menu, Russ ordered iced tea and I asked for water, which, by the way, now comes only on request and then only in a small glass, by order of the powers that be.

I took my glass of water, which came with a straw, and put it to my right. Almost immediately I bumped the straw and flooded the table with the precious water. Fortunately is was the small glass and the water mostly stayed on the table, where it was wiped up by the still smiling serving staff. Fortunately they did not report me to the powers that be and simply replaced the water. I did not put the straw back into it.

After that very embarrassing moment in my life (I have many), we looked over the large menu and decided to have breakfast, even though it was after 1 p.m.

Russ decided to have their pecan and bacon waffle (pecans and bacon both in the batter and on top), while I ordered something I rarely order, but looked especially good on the menu, Eggs Benedict, along with their country potatoes.

Our food arrived in just a short time and the first thing we both tried were the country potatoes. The were nicely cooked with onions and bell pepper, crisp on the outside and soft inside. Sometimes they are overcooked and hard (both physically and to eat), but these weren’t. they were excellent.

Russ cut me a quarter of his waffle and took a couple of bites of my Eggs Benedict.

The waffle was excellent. Often waffles are either over or under cooked. This one was perfect and very tasty. Russ kept commenting on how good it was and didn’t share any more with me.

The Eggs Benedict came with a black olive on top of each of the eggs. While laughing, Russ turned my plate to show me it was staring at me with its two “eyes.” I laughed, but continued eating because it was delicious.

The English muffin halves were toasted then covered with lots of thin sliced ham, a poached egg, hollandaise sauce and the olives. Everything was nicely cooked. The hollandaise sauce was neither as lemony nor buttery as some, but quite good. I admit I did put several drops of Tapatio hot sauce on the eggs to spice them up a little.

Like most breakfast places, the Golden Waffle has a large selection of egg dishes, omelets, waffles (lots of kinds of waffles), pancakes, you name it. For lunch there are a number of burgers and sandwiches including one I think was called the Country Melt, which is like a patty melt, but made with turkey. It was a special that day and the people who arrived right after us ordered it and said it was very good.

They have a senior menu and what they call the “Kids Corner.” Yes, something for everyone.

The food was nicely presented and the staff was very pleasant and made sure our meal was everything it could be.

I asked our server if there was one menu item that was a favorite over others and received an interesting reply. “The diners don’t seem to come in for a specific dish, but just come in for breakfast or lunch and then pick something.” I guess everything on the menu is good.

The Golden Waffle Café is open daily from 5:30 a.m. until 3 p.m. For more information call (530) 642-9322 or visit where you will find some of their menu items listed.

Oh, their back room seats 48 and is available for banquets, meetings and parties – something you might like to keep in mind.

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