Wanderings: Carl’s Jr. and Wienerschnitzel

A couple of weeks ago I tried the new buttermilk ranch hand breaded chicken tender sandwich at Carl’s Jr. It was actually quite good, and not overfilling like some burgers. Because it is made with two tenders, it has a tendency to fall apart, so be careful when you eat it.

I also had their Oreo ice cream sandwich. I don’t know how they get the ice cream so perfect: soft enough to bite, but not so soft that it runs out.

I also stopped by Wienerschnitzel on Broadway for a pastrami on rye. They have good pastrami with the right amount of fat and make  a great tasting sandwich that is not so big that you wish you hadn’t eaten it all.

Wienerschnitzel gets a bonus point for having both pump mustard and pump catsup with little cups for their fries. I like mustard, but hate opening those little packages.

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