Sweet Spot Sandwich Shop – Placerville

“Too few people understand a really good sandwich.”

James Beard


Sweet Spot Sandwich Shop

Some time ago someone told me about a place called the Sweet Spot Sandwich Shop, which is located in Placerville’s Creekside Place, the mall where you also find the Creekside Cantina and Café Luna. Their web page says, “Not only will you will be greeted with enthusiasm and passion, you’ll be provided with an inviting setting, delicious custom made sandwiches, gourmet cookies, and other tasty treats.” What they say is true, when I walked in a was enthusiastically greeted by Larry Mosher, who with his wife April, own the business which they opened in January.

Mosher has a passion for the business and is enjoyable to talk with. “We are friends with Kelli of Kelli’s Gourmet Cookies and thought we might like to open a sweets shop,” said Mosher. “We talked with business people downtown and they said a sandwich shop would be nice. We have four kids so we figured we knew all about sandwiches, and when we found this place, it was perfect and had all the equipment.

“My wife April is a professional event planner and I worked in sales and marketing, but I always though ‘If I could have a job where I could talk to people, I would love it,’ and here I am.

“We try to price are sandwiches they way they should be. We kept the price around $5 for a good, big and delicious sandwich so that they are affordable. The only thing we charge extra for is guacamole, and that is only 49 cents more.

“Be buy our breads and make our own croissants, but we plan on making some of our breads in the near future. We are just waiting on some equipment.

“We are not a deli, we are a sandwich shop where you select your bread from a list including a croissant, French roll, wrap, sliced sourdough, gluten-free, rye or a wheat Hoagie, then add the meat: turkey, roast beef, pastrami, salami, ham, tuna, bacon or veggie bacon, and then the cheese: American, Swiss. provolone, Cheddar, pepper jack and even cream cheese. For $1.99 more you can add a soda, iced tea or slushie and chips or fruit and make it a full meal. We also have salads, a half sandwich and salad and kids meals.

“We have Kelli’s gourmet cookies, which are all natural, along with chips, smoothies, slushies, coffee (brewed – frozen and Iced), soda, energy drinks and other tasty treats.”

Sweet Shop Sandwich Shop is family friendly with seating inside and in the courtyard. Set back from the street, it is the ideal place for families, friends, and local businesses to gather for a yummy bite to eat and a break from their daily routine. The hours are from 9 until 4, Monday through Friday and from 11 until 4, Saturday and Sunday. For more information call (530) 316-4541 or visit www.sweetshopsandwichshop.com.

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