Steppin’ Out – Oktoberfest at Wienerschnitzel

The last time I visited the Wienerschnitzel in Placerville they were having problems finding someone who would replace their aging carpet with tile. Then, after months of looking, they finally found someone and it was done.

Well, that and the fact that they always have great sausages this time of year, was more than enough to cause Russ Salazar and me to check things out.

The new tile has done wonders to the look of the restaurant. I really like it. It feels more bright and open to me. You should stop by and see.

I have to start with a warning that I am going to use more often, since people sometimes yell at me when the specials are no longer available.
Like most other fast food restaurants, a lot of their specials are for a limited time only, appearing and disappearing without notice. By the time I write this and it is printed, some items may no longer be available.

Not only is Wienerschnitzel celebrating Oktoberfest with those great gourmet sausages, but something new, Chicken Schnitzel sandwiches.
First the sausages.

Last year they had a quarter pound Bratwurst on a pretzel bun, served a couple of ways. This year they have both a quarter-pound Bratwurst and a quarter-pound Italian sausage and they are on “Brat Buns.”

The Bratwurst comes with mustard and grilled onions, while the Italian sausage comes with mustard, grilled onions and grilled peppers.

I really liked the Italian sausage, but at first thought the bun was a bit tough. Then they told me they use this special bun because a regular hot dog bun would not hold up. Ah, now I understand and take back my complaint about the bun.

Russ liked the Italian, but thought the peppers in the sandwich were a bit overdone. I told him I liked them and that is the way they are supposed to be cooked. He still wanted them crisper.

The Bratwurst was similarly excellent. They do a really good job selecting their sausages. I wish they had them all year. Fortunately they do have a Polish sausage on rye bread all year. I love it too.

The Chicken Schnitzel sandwiches come three ways: Classic Ranch, BBQ Bacon and Blazin’ Bacon Guacamole (spicy, but not that hot).
They had a one day special where you could get a Chicken Schnitzel sandwich with the purchase of a sausage sandwich, so we tried two of them, the BBQ Bacon and Blazin’ Bacon Guacamole.

I liked the way the chicken patty was breaded and cooked. The BBQ Bacon one was okay, but not something I would order again. The Blazin’ Bacon Guacamole was much better and actually quite good, but for some reason the lettuce, coated with guacamole, kept falling out on my lap.

They have also increased the size of the patty in their hamburgers, something I had never tried (with all those hot dogs and sausages, why would I?). So, a few days ago I again dropped in just to try one.

You can get their hamburger four different ways: Classic, with lettuce, tomato, pickles and Thousand island dressing, BBQ Bacon Cheese, Chili Cheese and Blazin’ Bacon Guacamole. I opted for the Classic.

It was very good and more like a burger you might fix at home than a restaurant burger. Like many, the beef patty was a bit on the dry side, given the fact that restaurants panic at undercooked beef (and for a good reason), but overall I really enjoyed the burger.

I had a small order of fries with the burger. I like mustard on my fries and they are the only place that has both catsup and mustard you can pump into those little containers in which to dip your fries. That sure beats the difficult to open little packages of mustard.

One thing I have not tried is their new “Bold” chili cheese fries. You can get them with Thousand island, Green Chile and Bacon or Blazin’ Bacon Guacamole.

Oh, you have probably noticed from their signs that they always have specials on multiple dogs, corn dogs and the such to feed a group or family.

Our Placerville Wienerschnitzel also has a drive-thru, in addition to inside seating, and is open daily from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. (11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday). They can be reached at (530) 295-8255.

It’s a happy place with friendly people.

Their public relations folks told me that we can expect pastrami back around the first of the year. I love their pastrami because it has just the right amount of fat to give it a great flavor.

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