Buttercup Pantry Part 2 – Placerville

My good friend Russ Salazar and I went to Buttercup Pantry last week just to try the deep fried hot dog. When it comes to hot dogs, Russ is a gourmet and always leads me to the best of them. We tried two things: the Salty Dog, a bacon wrapped Miller hot dog that is beer battered and deep fried, then served in a garlic cheese French roll with a good homemade barbecue sauce, and the Texarkana Ham Dog, a Salty Dog and roll topped with a burger patty, cheese, homemade chili and a fried egg. I have to say that we both agreed they were very good, but a bit much for one meal.

With several customers and some staff watching, we split them and dug in. Russ came close to finishing them, but I took home my half of the Salty Dog.

Owner Bob Huston told me the Texarkana, along with the Triple Bypass Burger (three patties plus) and the Whatafarm Burger, made with a burger patty, grilled chicken breast, cheese, egg and bacon, were put on the menu as more of a joke, but have become very popular, especially with the younger set.

On another subject, after my earlier lunch reunion at Buttercup Pantry with my college professor, we continued our conversation over dinner at Fresh Mex Express, across from K-Mart, where I had a adovada taco and he had a shrimp burrito bowl. He had never had a burrito in a bowl before and was delighted he could choose just exactly what he wanted in it. I always enjoy a meal there and he was so delighted with his dinner that he went out of his way to tell me how good it was several times and complemented the staff.

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