Steppin’ Out – Subway in Cool

I didn’t even know there was a Subway sandwich shop in the town of Cool, and apparently a lot of other people didn’t even though it has been there for over12 years.

A few weeks ago, when I wrote about the Chipotle Southwest Steak and Cheese Wrap I had enjoyed at the Subway on Broadway in Placerville, one of the owners of this fine publication Tina Henderson, said that she liked the Subway in Cool and especially the new owners.
Well, a few days later I received a message that Denise Steele-Lydston, who, with her husband, Lee Lydston, took over this Subway last February, wanted me to come by and try the new Breakfast Croissant,

They used to make a breakfast sandwich on flatbread, but this one is different and being test marketed in just a few areas around the United States.

So, last week I packed up and drove to Cool (formerly Cave Valley I am told), arriving about 10 am, an ideal time for both breakfast and lunch.
The Subway in Cool is located at 5020 Ellinghouse Drive, #F in the same shopping center as Cool Beerwerks and Holiday Market, which is at the corner of Highway 49 and Highway 193. It is a bit hidden, so you may have to look a little, but it is worth it.

I entered and introduced myself to the delightful Denise, who then introduced me to her husband and business partner, the equally delightful Lee, and also to Cody, a dynamic employee of theirs who was working that morning.

Cody fixed us one each of the new Breakfast Croissants, one with bacon, an egg and cheese, one with sausage, an egg and cheese and one with ham, an egg and cheese. I asked him to make them “his way,” and he added a slice of tomato and some spinach, and a bit of mayo that I requested.

“We usually don’t put anything on them other than the meat, egg and cheese,” Denise said, “but Cody likes to fancy them up a bit. I liked that idea because I always like a bit of vegetables in my sandwiches..

Denise had him cut them into quarters so I could sample each one and have room for something more if I wanted.

The croissant, which is round and looks more like a bare cinnamon roll or bun, was very buttery and delicious. Of the three sandwiches, which were all very good, my favorite was the bacon one. Next time I think I might have them add a bit of mustard to them.

While I was trying the croissants and talking with Denise and Lee about how they got in this business, Cody asked me if I wanted to try something spicy.

I said, “Yes, I love spicy,” and he proceeded to make me his version of their Italian BMT, but with salami, pepperoni and turkey instead of ham. Oh, and yes, with vegetables, jalapeños and spicy Sriracha sauce.

He and I must share a palate because it was my kind of sandwich, delicious, spicy and perfectly balanced.

While I was talking to Lee and Denise about the franchise process, Lee mentioned something that makes Subway different in the realm of rapidly served food.

“Not only can you get it your way,” he said, “but we fix it right in front of you. So, not only do you see it being made to your liking, if you want a bit more of something you can get it. Most places fix your food out of sight and their way, but not Subway. We are proud of that.”

While we were discussing that and the freshness of their ingredients, he asked if there was anything else I would like to try.

I recently read that Subway was going to discontinue their Sunflower Crunch bread, so I asked him if it could try the Chipotle Cheesesteak on it. As he set off to make it for me, Denise brought me a sample of their Spicy Chicken Tortilla soup.

For a factory soup, that was really good, and I would bet even better on a chilly day. They have several additional soups to please you.
The Chipotle Cheesesteak was great and Lee fixed it perfectly to my taste.

Since it was now after noon, I picked up my “doggie bag” filled with what I had not eaten (including a selection of delicious cookies Denise tucked in there) and headed home, quite satisfied with my breakfast and lunch, and with dinner in-hand.

Subway has quite of selection of cold and hot sandwiches, soups and salads, all made with the freshest ingredients – right in front of you and to your liking. Check out all the food, with pictures, at the menu on

The Subway in Cool is open Monday through Saturday from 9 until 8 and on Sunday from 10 until 8. Oh, they will deliver locally and cater your special event or party.

For more information call the restaurant at (530) 888-0111. For catering call 1-877-360-CATER (2283).

Oh, almost forgot, the new Cheesy Garlic Bread should be available by now.

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