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About a week ago, while taking my morning walk along Big Oak Road, I was thinking about a restaurant to check out. I asked my friend, Mike Long, who, with his two dogs walks with me, if he had ever been to Main Street Melters, which is located at 589 Main Street in Placerville, which is at the corner of Main and Clay streets.

“Several times,” he instantly replied, “I always have the Reuben with extra sauerkraut and extra 1000 Island dressing.”

“I think I have been there twice,” I told him, “once when it first opened and had a different name, and then later when it had this name.”

When I got home I checked, and found out I had been there four years ago when it was Old Towne Deli, and two years ago when the name had changed to Main Street Melters. It was time to go again.

A week ago last Thursday was convenient for both of us and since we both had errands to run in town, we decided to just meet there at 11 a.m., right when they open. That turned out to be a good idea.

We were the first customers and sat at the bar inside where it was cool. Mike had one of the craft beers they have on tap, while I stuck with water and rapidly went over the menu. He had already decided on his custom made Reuben

Two sandwiches on the Grilled Sandwich part of their menu immediately caught my eye: the Beef & Bleu (roast beef, Marableu jack cheese and crispy fried onions on sliced sourdough) and the Angry Irishmen (corned beef, pastrami, hot pepper spread, cream cheese, Havarti cheese, grilled onions and jalapeños on sliced sourdough).

I decided to find out why a bunch of Irishmen were angry and ordered the latter. It turned out that it obviously wasn’t the sandwich that upset them.

Each sandwich is hand made, so it takes a bit of time (a good reason to get there early), but soon they showed up hot and all wrapped to eat there or take elsewhere.

While we had waited, I had an opportunity to talk with Nancy Stone, who with family members, Bret, Alex and Ryan, are the owners. In April of 2015 they bought the restaurant from the owner of Olde Towne Deli, Igor Khavin, and have been going strong ever since. They were all busy prepping for the day.

We both bit into our sandwiches and there was little conversation other than “yum,” “I love it,” and the such. Mine was a wonderful combination of flavors with a little bite and absolutely delicious.

Mike was loving his Reuben and mentioned that it did have the extra sauerkraut and 1000 Island dressing he had requested.

When I looked at my previous stories on my webpage – – I noticed it was the Reuben I had loved the last time I was there.

With half our large sandwiches gone, we decided to take the rest home for later rather than overeat and wish we hadn’t, something I should do more often. Besides, that way I didn’t have to decide what to have for dinner.

Now, the food it great, but there is something else about this restaurant that is almost as good – the view. They have outside seating on the porch and under umbrellas and a tree where you can sit and “watch the passing crowd” along that part of Main Street. As I found out last time, you can also answer questions by people who are new in town or visiting and trying to find a certain business.

It really is a great place to enjoy a great lunch, especially with the Ivy House parking lot next door.

Their menu starts out with several salads, including turkey, a Caesar and a unique, Nothing But Veggies. The “Kids Corner” lists a PB&J and a grilled cheese. Sides include Mac N Cheese, a side salad, potato salad and a bag of chips. Oh, oh, I just noticed they have a “e” on potato.

The “Grilled Sandwich” list includes sandwiches with very interesting names, most of which I am sure you can probably figure out: The Hammy, Swiss Piggy, The Jalapeno Popper, Beef & Bleu, The Avocado, Little Philly, Big Kahuna, Thanksgiving, Hot Ace (spicy), Mac N Cheese Melt, Lean On Me, Loaded Irishmen and the two we ordered, Angry Irishmen and the Reuben.

The “Massive Melters” with double meat and “hot off the grill,” include The Standard, Double Irishmen, Double Angry Irishmen, The Cali Club, The Rancher, Big Bird, Italian Hero, Double Reuben and The Philly.

“Cold Sandwiches” (your choice of bread or roll) includes the roast beef, pastrami, Bird, ham, turkey, B.L.T. and The Tuna.

They will also make you a grilled cheese sandwich on your choice of bread and any one of eight cheeses.

Finally, if you can’t find something you love on the sandwich menus, you can build your own sandwich by selecting your choice of bread, meat, cheese, condiments and veggies.

Drinks include soda, beer, wine, smoothies and more.

Main Street Melters is open daily from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m.

For more information give them a call at (530) 303-3871 or visit their webpage at

Oh, they will deliver to businesses in downtown Placerville. There is a minimum order and a small delivery charge.

Oh, Mike pointed out to me that when you are eating the first half of your sandwich, turn the other half over so the bottom doesn’t get soggy.

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