Steppin’ Out – Domino’s Pizza, Placerville

Before we start with a review of the new Domino’s Pizza at 1331 Broadway (next to Subway in Placerville), let me take care of a couple of items.

Pastrami is back at Wienerschnitzel. You know how much I like their pastrami because it is real and has the fat (flavor) still attached. Not only do they have the pastrami on rye sandwich, with pickles and mustard, but an all beef hot dog with pastrami on top and pastrami fries. And, you can add sauerkraut if you wish or have it made as a Reuben with 1000 Island Dressing.

Last week I stopped to get an apple fritter (still under $2 and delicious) at the Donut Factory, next to the County Fairgrounds. On my way back to my car I passed Dickey’s Barbecue Pit and out came one of owners, my friend Troy Duncan, with a container of cole slaw.

If you recall, when I stopped there to review them, they were out of cole slaw and I commented on how much the sandwich needed it. He wanted me to know that they had it again and that I should try it. I did, and it was very good and very close in flavor one of my favorites, the slaw at KFC.

He also gave me three of their pork ribs – fresh from the smoker – to compare with those we had received when we were there. I put no extra sauce on them and they were wonderful. I think it is the rub they use that give them a very unique taste, and I think I know most of what is in it. But then, maybe I don’t.

Back to the subject of the day, Domino’s Pizza.

A week ago last Tuesday Russ Salazar and I stopped in at the new Domino’s to have lunch. We had heard their pizza was very good, so we were going to order a pizza and a sandwich to share, but since their smallest pizza, the medium cheese, with a couple of toppings was $12.99, we decided to instead have the penne pasta and a sandwich for $6.99 each (they were actually on sale at $5.99 at the time).
Our penne pasta choice was their Chicken Carbonara, with grilled chicken breast, smoked bacon, fresh onions and mushrooms, then baked with a really nice Alfredo sauce.

For a sandwich we chose the Philly Cheese Steak, which includes slices of steak, American and provolone cheeses, fresh onions, fresh green peppers and mushrooms, all on a soft roll.

While ordering, Russ asked if they had milk, but they didn’t. He then asked about tap water and found the only water they have is bottled, as are all the sodas. He was more than normally disappointed.

Although they have a good sized dining area, most of their business is obviously to-go or delivery. That is probably why the drinks are only in bottles. Those fancy soda machines are expensive.

A few minutes later our order arrived, along with an extra paper plate and foil bowl so we could share the food, thanks to our server.

I started with the pasta, which was very good, although it was mostly penne pasta and Alfredo sauce and very light on other ingredients.

The sandwich came on a nice roll, which Russ, the bread lover, said was very good. He also said it would have been very, very good if it had been toasted a bit more.

We agreed the sandwich was also short very on ingredients, when compared to its picture. Russ showed me the one small piece of bell pepper that was in his half of the sandwich. In spite of that, it did have a nice flavor.

While we were sitting there enjoying our food, several other people came in to order. I heard their server, someone different than ours, mention they had a special on pizza.

After we finished, I asked about their specials other than those on the back of the menu. It turned out we could have purchased a three topping large pizza for $7.99, about $10 less than normal.

Rule #1. Always ask about specials before you order, especially at a new restaurant.

Domino’s menu is quite large and includes a dozen or more speciality pizzas, with meat, cheese and veggie toppings, along with quite a list of toppings for the “Build Your Own” pizza lovers. They have five penne pasta dishes, plus, again, your chance to “Build Your Own.”

There are more than half a dozen chicken dishes, including wings sauced from mild to “wow,” and if you like salads, they have the Classic, Chicken Caesar and Chicken Apple Pecan.

Yes, they have desserts, including their famous Chocolate Lava Crunch cake.

The Placerville Domino’s is open daily from 10 a.m. until Late Night. For more information give them a call at (530) 303-6777.

Be sure to check out Domino’s webpage at for more information on specials, coupons and the such. Believe me, I will next time.

According to their webpage, home delivery is not available as of January 21, 2018, but should be soon.

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