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As you know, Russ Salazar and I tend to try foods on what some people think is the “less-than-healthy” side of the menu. We eat healthy too, but we like to search out unique foods, obviously along with the perfect pastrami sandwich or giant hot dog.

Since I listen to comments I receive, we decided to visit Ciao Deli and try a couple of sandwiches. They are a healthy restaurant and, as we found out, one of the best.

If you haven’t heard of them yet, Ciao Deli is located at 2864 Ray Lawyer Drive, Suite 108 in Placerville. Or, if that confuses you, next to Raley’s in Placerville, where the Hoosegow was once located.

Russ and I stopped in for lunch a couple of weeks ago and were a bit overwhelmed with the amount of information on the walls.
The restaurant is very nice, very clean and mostly decorated with words, words that explain what different herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables are good for you and why. It would take you a whole day to read all of them.

My mother, who was a registered nurse most of her life and became an attorney only in her final working years, was very into healthful eating. I immediately recognized on the wall a lot of the great information she taught me. I was impressed.

On the wall behind the counter is a huge list of everything you can put in or on a sandwich including vegetables, cheeses, meats and even the bread and wraps. In addition they also have listed the soups, sides and chili, along with a kid’s menu. Yes, they also have a salad bar with quite a selection of dressings.

Oh, everything is organic and the only meat with nitrates is their salami, something they are working to correct.

It is also important to note that they can make you something delicious that it also vegan and/or gluten free.

Russ immediately decided he wanted to try a real vegetarian sandwich and asked for one. He selected a seeded bread and asked for all the veggies, even adding avocado. I decided on a spinach wrap with almost all the veggies and some of their own, slow roasted turkey.

Russ also asked for a cup of their vegetarian chili and I went for a cup of their soup of the day, which turned out to be more like a delicious vegetable stew.

The owner, Kay Oelze, was the one making our sandwiches and told us to find a table while we waited, since it was not fast food. While she prepared it, she talked with us.

“I was born here and come from a family of local farmers,” Kay told us. “I grew up farming and still know a lot of farmers in this area. I get the best, local organic ingredients for my food and our meats are slow roasted by us.

“I went to school in Idaho where I got my culinary education. After that I worked with a lot of different chefs from all over the world. They gave me most of the health information that is painted on the wall. I learned from all my adventures everywhere.

“Oh, by the way, I hope you have a big appetite because we don’t make anything small.”

In a few minutes our food arrived and, she was right, there was nothing small about the sandwich or wrap. They were huge and looked delicious.

The vegetarian sandwich was a lesson in freshness. Both of us thought it was moist, delicious and, most of all wonderful – and that is a rare comment from two dedicated carnivores.

The spinach wrap, about the size of a super burrito at any of our local taquerias, was similarly fresh and delicious. The slow roasted turkey was far superior to any commercial lunchmeat I have found in restaurant sandwiches (and I will bet a lot better for you).

As I mentioned, the soup was more like a delicious vegetable stew and the chili, although a bit “beany” for my taste, tasted fresh and was soon gobbled down, mostly by Russ.

“Everything we make here we make with love,” Kay told us. My whole purpose is to share the love with the food.

“For years people have helped me out and now it is my turn to repay them by sharing the love and good vibes with everyone.

“What’s in my future? We’ll see. Maybe my adventures will take me elsewhere, but right now I am here and loving it.”

She’s right. There is a lot of love in the food and the atmosphere. Smiles, happy faces, graciousness and more from all the employees. Both of us left there feeling both warm and satisfied with our meal.

Ciao Deli is open on Monday from 11 until 4, on Tuesday through Friday from 11 until 6 and on Saturday from 11 until 2ish,
For more information give Ciao Deli a call at (530) 391-9005. You can also follow them on Facebook where they often post interesting articles on food, herbs and health.

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