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dennys-up-to-30-value-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-2-3953352-regularA few weeks ago I received a coupon that was good for $5 off a $15 purchase at Denny’s. It also had a picture of their new Spicy Sriracha Burger, which is just one of several new burgers and sandwiches.

Well, you know me, spicy is my middle name, so I called my friend Russ. I told him we had to try that burger and maybe one of the others, like their Bourbon Bacon Burger.

We stopped by the Denny’s at 99 Fair Lane in Placerville around 1 p.m. a couple of weeks ago. We were nicely greeted and shown to a booth.
Our server showed up almost immediately and asked us if we know what we wanted. We weren’t ready, so we took a few minutes to go over the menu. We knew we were going to try the Spicy Sriracha Burger, so I asked Russ if there was another sandwich that he thought we should try. His answer was interesting.

He is not really a fish eater, but he said their Grilled Tilapia on the Senior (55+) Menu is really good, and I should try that.
We ordered our burger with their wavy cut fries and the Tilapia with broccoli as the vegetable (there were a number of vegetable choices).

The burger is a Sriracha seasoned, hand-pressed 100% beef patty topped with Cheddar cheese, bacon, jalapeños, creamy Sriracha sauce, lettuce, tomato, red onions and pickles. I have to tell you immediately, it is not for everyone.

When the food arrive, I first tried the wavy cut fries. The were hot, crispy and very good. I ended up dipping them in the tartar sauce that came with the fish, but that’s me.

We both agreed the burger was delicious and spicy, very spicy. The layer of sliced jalapeño peppers adds a bit of a nip with each bite which really added to it. The Sriracha sauce took over from there.

Russ liked the texture of the meat in the burger. “It tastes like they use a coarser grind,” he said. I think he may be right. I know it is hand formed, so it would have a different texture and not be one of those “hockey puck” burger patties.

Russ also added that having half of the burger was just about the right amount. I probably could have eaten a whole one, but on these tasting adventures we often eat too much,

Russ was right about the fish. It was very good, but unlike him I am a fan of fish, although Tilapia is not really high on my list.
It came with a colorful and very tasty mixture of brown rice, red jasmine rice and black barley (wasn’t he a pirate?).

The fish itself was flaky and tender and had a nice mild taste. Being one of the many items on the senior menu, it was reasonably priced. What else can you ask for?

The menu at Denny’s is almost identical all across the nation. Sure, there are a few local changes, but if you stop at a Denny’s you know what choices you will have.

Their menu is seasonal and now and then they throw in things like their $2,$4,$6,$8 special dishes or their famous Grand Slams. As I mentioned, it was their new burgers (and the coupons) that really enticed us to go there this time.

I was really pleased with the variety of items on the 55+ menu. Like many people, I often eat too much when I go out to eat. This menu has smaller servings.

I don’t go to Denny’s but maybe once or twice a year, and usually for breakfast and I have always enjoyed the food, except how do they slice bacon that thin?

Interestingly, when I told several of my friends that we had tried Denny’s, a couple asked “Why?’ and then told me about a bad experience they had once, or twice. If I have a really bad experience, I simply don’t write about it. However, it is often not with the food, but the service.
If you do have a bad experience at a restaurant, tell them. They need to know.

Denny’s is open 24 hours a day, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner at all hours.

For more information on the food or anything else at the Fair Lane Denny’s, give them a call at (530) 626-1086.

By the way, they have a nice banquet room that used to be their bar.

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