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sierrarizinglogo3When I first met Teal Triolo, the owner and founder of Sierra Rizing some 13 years ago, she had just opened a bakery…not just a bakery, a great bakery. Now it is a bakery, café, coffee house, catering business and more, and because of her determination, doing very well.

Triolo’s background includes training as a pastry chef under the auspices of Wolfgang Puck at Postrio, Joyce Goldstein at Square One and Jeremiah Tower at Stars -famed chefs and restaurants of San Francisco. There she gained the hands-on knowledge she applies in the creation of a wide variety of fine foods and baked goods.

A couple of weeks ago I drove to Sierra Rizing, which is located at 7310 Highway 49 in Lotus, just over the Highway 49 bridge from Coloma .

I was greeted at the counter by one of the lovely ladies working there and asked what she would recommend. “We have a lot of dishes on the menu board, but I would recommend the Lotus Scramble,” I was told with a smile. “Sounds good to me,” I replied.

“What would you like to drink,” were her next words. “If you like chai, I can make you a chai tea latte.” That sounded good, so I filled a cup with water and went looking for a place to sit.

Tables? They have tables inside and outside! There are high tables, low tables, large tables, small tables, community tables and counters from which to choose. I like the tall tables so I found one inside with a view of the counter so I could watch the passing crowd.

Soon my meal arrived. The Lotus Scramble includes sauteed veggies (mushrooms, tomato, red peppers, zucchini and onion) fresh spinach and cheese. You have a choice of cheese, so I chose feta, which I really like on food. With it came home fried potatoes and thick-cut whole wheat berry toast. They also brought my chai tea latte to enjoy with it (yummy).

Just as my food arrived, owner Triolo came out of the kitchen and joined me at my table and, as I enjoyed my food, she filled me in on everything.

“Along with the Lotus Scramble, our other top breakfast seller is our Caramelized Banana Waffle,” said Triolo. “I told them to make you one. You don’t have to eat it all.”
It was beautiful and decadently delicious. I took half of it home for later.

“Do you like scones?” she asked. I told her I did, so she got me a mixed berry one, along with a lemon bar to take home.

The scone was great and later, at home, I found out the lemon bar was fantastic. I actually cut it into three pieces so I could enjoy it twice again.

“We strive to create meals around wholesome seasonal ingredients keeping our menu alive and fresh,” she told me. “Right now we don’t serve lunch, but I should have the menu for that in a couple of months. Our regular and vegetarian chili are both well known in the area and, with fall approaching, having them back on the menu will be appreciated.

“Catering is a big business for us,” she added. “We do a lot of it for weddings, parties, events, meetings and more.”

On their flier it notes that they can provide full service catering for either casual or discerning events, crafted to fit the needs of the customer. Unique menus are available and, of course, their speciality cakes. “Tell everyone that we would be pleased to meet with them for a personal consultation,” Triolo added.

In addition to what I enjoyed for breakfast that day, the menu includes two other scrambles, the Colorado Scramble made with ham, bell pepper, onions and cheese, and the River Scramble which you create yourself.It continues with other items, including an egg and cheese sandwich, more buttermilk waffles, the classic egg custard quiche, American River frittata, a gluten free South Fork Frittata and Sierra Rizing’s own granola.

To the above you can add sides such as pork or turkey sausage, thick cut bacon, cinnamon sugar toast, and more.

In the bakery they have all kinds of pastries, muffins, breads, pies and cakes (the flourless chocolate cake is outstanding). You can also get tamales, wraps, sandwiches on bread or croissants and slices of cake if you are looking for a picnic lunch.

I’m sure I left something out, but find out yourself by stopping by Sierra Rizing for breakfast (and soon lunch), locally roasted coffee and espresso drinks, fresh baked goods, European breads, and fine desserts. You won’t be disappointed.

Sierra Rizing is open daily, year-around, from 5:30 a.m. until 3 p.m. For more information call (530) 642-9250 or visit their webpage at Yes, they have Wi-Fi.

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