Marshall Hospital – Placerville

“Getting out of the hospital is a lot like resigning from a book club. You’re not out of it until the computer says you’re out of it.”

— Erma Bombeck


Marshall Hospital

I recently had the “opportunity” to spend a couple of days at Marshall Hospital, where, I must admit, I was treated royally, even by the people who’s job it is to stick things in you.

After surgery, I made it to my room in mid-afternoon and after a couple of hours of rest and tests, and some jello, dinner arrived.

I had no food restrictions, so I got the standard menu.

Of all the food in the world, hospital food is rated the worst. Ask anybody. However, when I lifted the insulated lid off the plate, I was delighted. It looked wonderful, and as I immediately found out, tasted just as wonderful. I’ve had restaurant food that wasn’t as good as this.

The dinner meal consisted of pork roast with gravy, red potatoes, peas and carrots, scratch made chicken noodle soup that was mostly large pieces of chicken and a chocolate cake dessert.

OK, as expected it needed some salt and pepper, which was provided, but it was far from bland and I ate every bit of it, except for some of the dessert that ended up on my face and gown and in my bed.

It came with coffee (I would have preferred a nice glass of wine), but you can’t get everything.

I was actually looking forward to breakfast the next morning. It consisted of scrambled eggs (very hard to eat with a fork), ham, potatoes, hot oatmeal, a hot biscuit with butter substitute and jelly, juice, milk and coffee. Other than the eggs, oatmeal and coffee, I made it into finger food. It is easier to eat that way in bed.

Just before I was discharged, they brought me lunch. By then I could sit up and eat, so most of it made it to my mouth. They served me two pieces of fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy and carrots. It also came with potato chowder and what I think was bread pudding with a dollop of whipped topping and coffee.

The next day I called Mary Beth Fahy, the food service director at Marshall.
Some years ago, at her invitation, I tried the food in the cafeteria and it was very good.

She is one of the judges at the Future Chefs of El Dorado County competition and really does know a lot about food. If you are wondering, she did not know I was in the hospital — purposely.

I told her how much I enjoyed the meals and passed on a couple of comments about trying to eat scrambled eggs and chocolate desserts in bed and the coffee. She said they make as much of the food as they can from scratch and that they know the eggs are loose and fall off the fork, a problem they are working on. As to the coffee, she said that people say it is too strong, too weak, too hot or too cold. It is just the way it is.

So, kudos to Marshall Hospital, its staff, and especially Fahy and all the crew involved with the food. Good job!


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