Capitol Dawg – Sacramento

Capitol Dawg

In our never ending quest for the ultimate hot dog, my friend Russ Salazar and I dropped in on Capitol Dawgs, which is located at 1226 20th Street in midtown Sacramento. We wouldn’t have driven this far for a hot dog, but Russ had some business nearby, so we grasped the opportunity.

Capitol Dawg probably gets an “A” for variety, so we had to spend some time deciding which we wanted to try. They have eight kinds of dogs from regular to turkey and veggie, most of which you can have grilled or deep fried and served 25 or more different ways.

We finally decided on a “Prop 51 Dawg” (Chicago style with mustard, green relish, onions, tomato, kosher dill pickle spear, sport peppers and celery salt in a poppy seed bun), “Delta Dawg” (West Virginia style with mustard, chili, onions and cole slaw) and the “Governor Dawg” ( their own Texas Tommy style with a deep fried American and Swiss cheese stuffed beef frank wrapped in bacon, cheddar cheese, cheddar cheese sauce and tomato).

The “Prop 51 Dawg” was good, but not the best Chicago style dog I have tasted. It did have the proper neon green relish, sport peppers and poppy seed bun, but seemed to lack a bit in overall flavor. It may have needed more celery salt. The “Delta Dawg,” which we got in order to try the chili, was my favorite, since I like cole slaw on dogs and pulled pork sandwiches (I was born on the wrong coast). The chili was more like “Coney sauce,” thin and light, but good. Russ liked the chili, but did not like it having cole slaw on it. The “Governor Dawg.” which we tried because the hot dog was deep fried. Both of us liked it, but maybe had too much going on with all the ingredients.

For more information on Capitol Dawg, call (916) 444-1226 or visit

The Donut Factory – Placerville

“To the trained palate the flavor of food comes in bits and pieces, like words in a sentence.”

Hsiang Ju Lin and Tsuifeng Lin “Chinese Gastronomy” (1969)


The Donut Factory

I like apple fritters. I mean, I really like them and really good ones are often hard to find.

During Apple Hill season, several places make them with fresh apples, but that is only for a few months. What do I do the rest of the year?

My very favorites come from a place called Spudnuts Donuts at 2445 Arden Way in Sacramento. If you are old enough you may recall that Spudnuts was a chain started in 1946 that used potato flour to make donuts. They went out of business, but the name is still in use around the country. I don’t know if they have any potato flour in them, but they are really good and when still warm, wonderful.

Locally I have tried apple fritters from every place I can find them: grocery stores, donut shops, bakeries, etc. I like the ones from some place for awhile and then maybe they would change staff and they just wouldn’t be the same. So, I would go looking again.

A couple of months ago I was having lunch at the Taco Bell Express in County Fair Shopping Center on Fair Lane in Placerville (Rite Aid, Big Lots, etc.) and when I had finished, I walked around the corner of the building to check out The Donut Factory, which faces Placerville Drive. I asked if they had apple fritters, they said yes, so I bought one. It was big, crunchy and delicious, so I have been going there ever since. And, they are only $1.35.

The Donut Factory has a lot of different kinds of donuts, cinnamon rolls, pastries, etc. that they make there. They also have espresso and coffee drinks, smoothies, milk and other things that go well with donuts.

They are open from 5 until 2, Monday through Friday, from 5:30 until 2 on Saturday and from 6 until 2 on Sunday. For more information give them a call at (530) 626-1320.

By the way, like the donuts I break in two, I cut the apple fritters into three pieces and eat one piece each day. I find that a whole one at a single sitting is a bit of an overload for me. Yes, you can freeze them.