Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, Placerville

This new restaurant, located at 21 Fair Lane in Placerville (County Fair Shopping Center on the corner between Rite Aid and the Donut Factory), has been open for only a few weeks and business is booming.

The Tuesday Russ Salazar and I met there for lunch, there was a line out the door, which is great for a restaurant which at that time was only in its fifth day of operation.

“That’s normal,” said Troy Duncan, who with his wife and parents own the franchise. “The day we opened the line went all the way down the sidewalk to the doors of Rite Aid.”

In 1941, Travis Dickey, a World War I veteran, opened the first Dickey’s Barbecue Pit in Dallas, Texas. Franchising began in 1994 after loyal guests and barbecue fanatics demanded more locations. Today there are nearly 600 locations in 43 states, including this one.

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit still slow smokes all meats on-site just the same way they did in 1941. The menu features beef brisket, pulled pork, St. Louis style ribs, polish sausage, spicy cheddar sausage, smoked turkey, and marinated chicken, with an extensive array of homestyle sides from jalapeño beans to macaroni and cheese.

Russ and I decided to try the ribs, which were the Tuesday special, along with a sliced brisket sandwich plate. Both entrees included two sides, so for the ribs we chose Barbecue Beans and Cabbage Slaw.

“What was that? you are out of slaw at a barbecue restaurant?”

Troy apologized and told us the company failed to deliver it. I think I mumbled something about Raley’s has some, but we sadly changed that side to Mac & Cheese.

For the brisket sandwich plate I ordered Potato Salad and, after some thought, Creamed Spinach, to which Russ quickly said, “What did you order?”

They fill your order as you move down the counter. Because that area is noisy, it is difficult to hear and be heard, so remember to speak up so you get what you want.

We took our plates to the table and Russ filled the small, dipping cups with two of the three barbecue sauces they offer: regular and spicy, both of which were very good.. Later we would try the sweet sauce, which was also very good, although sweet sauces are not one of my favorites.

The three ribs of rib meat on the plate was completely off the bone (there were also a few small, bare bones with it). It was very good, especially with a bit of the spicy sauce.

The brisket sandwich was also good, but really needed the missing cabbage slaw to moisten it up and add a bit of crunch. Some sauce helped, but I missed the slaw. Both the bread on the sandwich and the roll Russ got with the ribs were excellent.

The sides were all very good. I especially liked the beans and the creamed spinach. Russ liked them all, although he only took one spoonful of the spinach and commented, “It’s better than it looks.” He is not as adventurous as I.

Their meats include, pulled pork, beef brisket, chicken breast, pork ribs, Polish Kielbasa, jalapeño Cheddar Kielbasa and turkey. You can get the meat as a plate or sandwich (full size and sliders). They also have cheese, cabbage slaw and jalapeños available to top your sandwich.
In addition, they serve Stacks, such as a Texas Fritos Pie Stack and a Brisket Mac Stack, along with Chicken and Cheese and Brisket and Cheese tacos.

For sides they serve barbecue beans, cabbage slaw, potato salad, baked potato casserole, Caesar salad, Mac & Cheese, creamed spinach, jalapeño beans and assorted chips.

For kids, they have a meat or slider plate.

To accompany your meal, they have fountain drinks. Check out their “Big Yellow Cup.”

You can also get family packs in several sizes and they do catering for larger groups. They have a catering menu available as you first walk in the door. Grab one for future reference..

The Placerville Dickey’s is open daily from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. and can be reached at (530) 748-3445.

The menu is above the counter where you order. If it is busy, put someone in line and step back so you can read the menu, or grab one of the small ones and your glasses (small type on the menu).

This Dickey’s is a real family operation, with even nephews and nieces working there.


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