Steppin’ Out – Main Street Melters, Placerville

main street meltersA couple of years ago I stopped at a place called Olde Towne Deli. It was located at the northwest corner of Main and Clay streets. The owner was a gentleman with the very interesting name of Igor Khavin, who had fixed the place up very nicely. Working there and partnering with him was a friend of mine, Sharon Neu, who I had met at the Golden Poppy restaurant some years before.

The menu was mostly “build it yourself” sandwiches which they made using Boar’s Head meats and delicious breads and cheeses.
Sometime later, Khavin needed to sell the business and a little over a year ago it was purchased by the Stone family, one of whom had worked there previously.

The menu has been substantially expanded and now has salads, sides and lots of sandwiches, cold and hot, that are specialities of the house.
Russ Salazar was in town for an appointment, so he asked me to meet him there around 11:30 one morning.

We looked over the menu to find a couple of different sandwiches to share and settled on the Reuben, from the “Grilled Sandwiches” list and the Californian from the “Massive Melters” list (double meat for the hungry).

The Ruben is made with corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing and served on toasted marble rye. Although the Boar’s Head corned beef is very lean, it was still a great sandwich (fat is flavor). It was not over-sauced with dressing and the sauerkraut did not make the bread soggy, two things that we often find with a Reuben. They did a great job with this one, but the Californian was even better.

The Californian (aka Cali Club) is so big they have to cut it into two and wrap each half separately. It is a “real club” sandwich with three slices of bread and contains lots of turkey, ham, bacon, avocado, “mayo,” lettuce, tomato and red onion. The three slices of Country White Bread are perfectly toasted.

It is so big, at first the questioned why we ordered another sandwich, but, in spite of its generous size, it was light and very, very good. I’d order that one again.

Now, the food it great, but there is something else about this restaurant that is almost as good – the view.

They have outside seating on the porch and under umbrellas and a tree where you can sit and “watch the passing crowd” along that part of Main Street. You can also answer questions by people who are new in town or visiting and trying to find a certain business, we found out.
It really is a great place to enjoy a great lunch.

Their menu starts out with several salads, including turkey, a Caesar and a unique, Nothing But Veggies. The “Kids Corner” lists a PB&J and a grilled cheese. Sides include Mac N Cheese, a side salad, potato salad and a bag of chips. Oh, oh, I just noticed they have a “e” on potato.

The “Grilled Sandwich” list includes sandwiches with very interesting names, most of which I am sure you can probably figure out: The Hammy, Swiss Piggy, The Jalapeno Popper, Beef & Bleu, The Avocado, Little Philly, Big Kahuna, Thanksgiving, Hot Ace (spicy), Mac N Cheese Melt, Lean On Me, Loaded Irishmen, Angry Irishmen and the Reuben we enjoyed.

The “Massive Melters” with double meat and “hot off the grill,” include The Standard, Double Irishmen, Double Angry Irishmen, The Cali Club, The Rancher, Big Bird, Italian Hero (I’m trying that one next time), Double Reuben and The Philly.

“Cold Sandwiches” (your choice of bread or roll) includes the roast beef, pastrami, Bird, ham, turkey, B.L.T. and The Tuna.

They will also make you a grilled cheese sandwich on your choice of bread and any one of eight cheeses.

Finally, if you can’t find something you love on the sandwich menus, you can build your own sandwich by selecting your choice of bread, meat, cheese, condiments and veggies.

Main Street Melters is open daily from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m.

For more information give them a call at (530) 303-3871.

Oh, they will deliver to businesses in downtown Placerville. There is a minimum order and a small delivery charge.


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