Steppin’ Out – Subway, Pollock Pines

Subway has another new sandwich, the Corned Beef Reuben. I have no idea how long they are going to have it, so Russ Salazar and I thought we better go try it while they do.

Since Russ lives in our “Nature’s Wonderland,” Pollock Pines, he thought we should try his local Subway restaurant, rather than have him drive down to Placerville or even Camino.

The Pollock Pines Subway is located at the Crystal View Station (Shell), which is at 6528 Pony Express Trail, just east of its intersection with Sly Park Road.

Right off the bat, I have to tell you this is one of the cleanest and nicest Subways around. It is on the east end of the building that holds the mini-mart and has a magnificent view of the snow covered (this time of year) Sierra Nevada. It also has an area with a television, fireplace and over-stuffed chairs. When the weather allows, they also have outside seating with a great view.

I had written about this place a number of years ago, when it was a bit more “Spartan” and at this visit was very impressed with the whole facility.

Russ and I decided to share a foot long sandwich and were nicely greeted when we approached the counter to order. When we ordered, the young lady making our sandwich asked us if we wanted it on a rye roll. I didn’t know they made rye rolls, but apparently they do just for this sandwich.

She then told us that they recommend we have it with Swiss cheese and also have it toasted. We agreed and I told Russ I wanted at least my portion to have pickles and mustard, while I wandered around, completely forgetting a Reuben, by design, has 1000 Island dressing on it.

When I returned, the sandwich was finished, so we each grabbed a bag of chips and ordered a drink and found a table with a Sierra view.
I don’t know why I had some chips, I don’t do that when I go to Subway. But, since Russ did, I figured, “Why not.”

When I opened my sandwich is when I recalled it should have 1000 Island dressing on it. Russ said the young lady had asked, but, like I had asked, he added only mustard and pickles. The young lady was kind enough to give me a small container of 1000 Island so I could try it.

The corned beef they serve is real, sliced corned beef, not corned beef ground and formed into something that looks like corned beef. For that reason alone, it tasted very good.

The rye roll was not very “rye,” but was good.

The sauerkraut was dry and not very flavorful. Russ thought it might be old. I thought that since it didn’t overpower the flavor of the corned beef, it was okay.

I put some of the 1000 Island dressing on my half of the sandwich and discovered it was best if I didn’t use a lot of it. It was also good as a dip for my chips (I know, more unnecessary calories).

Overall we both enjoyed the Corned Beef Reuben. I would surely order it again the same way, but this time with a light coating of both mustard and 1000 Island dressing in addition to the pickles. I might even consider doubling the meat, even though there was a lot of it on the sandwich. I love corned beef.

This Subway, like most of the others, has quite an array of sandwiches, both hot and cold, and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. They even have special breakfast sandwiches.

You have them make your sandwich the way you want it, add your choice of condiments along with fresh veggies, pickles, olives, etc. and enjoy.

In addition to their regular menu they also have a daily special six-inch sandwich for only $3.50 (foot long is $6) or a six-inch meal (sandwich, drink and chips) for $6. Each day of the week the sandwich is different. I especially like the Oven Roasted Chicken Breast on Tuesdays and Tuna on Fridays.

I always like to remind people that all sandwiches made from processed meats are high in salt, something you have to consider. Subway, in my experience, is lower than many of the others.

We have Subways in El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Diamond Springs, Placerville, Camino, Cool and this one in Pollock Pines. The food and service at all of them is great, but this one has the best view.

The Pollock Pines Subway is open from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. daily. For more information you can give them a call at (530) 644-3490.

The rye roll at Subway reminded me that one of my very favorite fast food sandwiches is the Polish Sausage on Rye at Wienerschnitzel. A split, grilled Polish sausage on real rye bread with mustard and a dill pickle spear in the middle. You can even get it with sauerkraut if you wish. They usually have a coupon for this sandwich.

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